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Why do you want to Retire?

Let me get this straight, you are working your butt off so that you can retire? You are planning to spend most of your life doing the thing you hate so that someday you won’t have to do it anymore? Are saving money so that you can buy your freedom at some point in the future?

I wanted to retire at 30. Then 35. And then one day I realized that I will never retire. But I would love not to be bound by the pressure to earn money. I would be free of doing what someone else wants me to do.

What would happen if you didn’t hate your job? What if your job GAVE you energy, instead of draining it. Would you still need to retire?

It’s ironic that working is the one thing that we feel the need to stop doing as our age advances. We don’t stop eating. We don’t stop walking. We don’t stop shopping. We don’t stop laughing. But yet as a society, we feel the need to stop working. Why is this?

My hypothesis is that we need to stop working because work sucks! Even when we love our jobs, work makes us tired and as we age we are tired of working.

Perhaps by trying to escape work we are solving the wrong problem. What if instead of striving for freedom from work, we strive towards making our jobs sustainable. What if instead of soul-sucking, your job was soul-nourishing?

Brain twist: Start by thinking about what you would do if you were able to retire tomorrow. You’ll spend some time resting and doing all the house projects you’ve been putting off, but what about after that? How would you spend your time? What would you do to feel fulfilled?

What would it take for you to start living that life today?

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