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A Leader's Guide to Connecting the Soulful and the Practical

Transformational Leadership is a soulful practice, a practical job, and everything in between. 

You are breathing new life into an organization, and that energy comes from the spirit of the people. Transformations are usually designed to improve business results, but what’s the point if it doesn’t make our lives better? 

The Voice
Transformational Leadership
The Voice Magazine  // 2023

Jardena had the honor of being a contributor for the The Voice Magazine which explores "Transformational Leadership".

Transformational leadership has become a popular term recently, and a popular job title. Before we look at what a transformational leader is, first we’ll have to define “transformation.”

The Journal of Business Agility
Designing Organizational Agility
Guest Editor // Dec 2022

I’ve seen Agile Transformations fail over and over because of the Organizational Design; structure, process and operating model. Why are we so afraid to change it? And if we weren’t afraid, how do we go about redesigning organizations?

I’ve arranged the issue to take you through a continuum: beginning from the basics, continuing into new ways of thinking about org design, and finally exploring cutting edge ideas. Notice the cutting edge stuff comes last so if you’re going to
skip around, don’t miss those at the end!

Orgs Behaving Badly Mock-Up.png
Orgs Behaving Badly
by Jardena London & Rob Sinclair  // Dec 2022

It seems like every week we hear an exposé of corporate misconduct. It's trusted companies like VW falsifying emissions, Wells Fargo opening fake accounts, or DuPont hiding information on the toxicity of Teflon.

It feels too easy to blame these companies and the people in them. Instead. we took a long hard look in the mirror and asked ourselves, are we designing organizations that create conditions ripe for misconduct?

The Journal of Business Agility 
Rethinking Work & The Workplace 
Before We Reinvent, We Must Heal // May 2022

In May 2022 Jardena had the honor of being a contributor for the Emergence: The Journal of Business Agility which explores "Rethinking the Workplace".

This piece fires up the conversation of Organizational Pain and how before we reinvent, we must heal.

What’s the point of transforming the way we work if it doesn’t make our lives any better? Re-imagining the workplace is impossible until we heal the pain that exists today.

Emergence - The Business Journal .png
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