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What are you waiting for?

A friend was looking through these blogs the other day and suggested a turn them into a book. “I know, I know” I said. Then she asked a question that rocked me to the core. She asked, “what are you waiting for?”

What AM I waiting for?!?

Her question echoed in my head. Am I waiting for something?

I was. I was waiting to be ‘discovered’. For someone to proclaim my worthiness and lead me into stardom. Oh yes, dear reader, you have discovered me. And I know it’s not fair that I was waiting for someone else to discover me. But that’s how we sabotage ourselves, isn't’ it?

I was waiting for someone to give me permission to dive deeper into my own potential. If you asked me to make a list of names of people that could discover me or give me permission, I wouldn’t be able to. Because it’s an impossible task. There are no such people.

I’ve heard different answers to the question “what are you waiting for?” A friend of mine seems to be waiting to win the lottery. When he wins the lottery, he will be able to live his full life, do what he loves, live up to his potential. Another friend is waiting for retirement. And others are waiting for an elderly parent to pass.

While I understand that life can take up a lot of mental and emotional bandwidth, I encourage myself and all of you to do something, even the smallest thing, to move your life forward. Show the universe that you may be moving slowly, but no, you are not waiting.

Brain Twist: What are you waiting for? For today, I ask that you simply recognize what you are waiting for. You don’t need to do anything about it, but I know you will anyway.

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