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Think Outside your Job Description

Someone told me that they are making a difference by trying to get a promotion so they can make a difference. If that’s your strategy, you’ll never make a difference. Why? Because there’s always a reason to play it safe and the more you practice playing safe the better you get at it.

Can you make a difference now? Yes! You make a difference in whatever position you are in.

Courage. The first thing you need is a good dose of courage. If you’re afraid of not being able to pay your mortgage you’re not going to be able to make a difference. Go think about what you would do if you lost your job and make sure you have a plan B. Hint: You could probably survive if you lived in a smaller house.

Think about the world we’re creating where everyone makes fear-based decisions because they are afraid of not being able to pay their mortgage. It’s not a pretty world, and oh btw it’s the one we live in.

Magic Wand. If you had a magic wand, what would you change? Something super-awesome that would help the company and the people in it. Now, go ahead and tell me all the reasons you can’t do it. Write them down. Good. Now throw out that paper and write down all the things you could do to make this super-awesome change come closer to a reality.

Think outside your job description.

People. What can you do today to make life better for the people around you? Your coworkers, customers, boss, family. Sometimes the most super-awesome thing you can do is affect the lives of those around you. Try starting there.

How have you made a difference? Let us know!

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