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Does Traffic put you in a Jam?

Are you a road warrior? Do you spend a lot of time sitting in traffic or simply commuting? How does traffic affect your productivity and stress? What can you do to make your commute work for you?

  • Chill out Scientists have discovered something called "Decision fatigue". Our ability to make rational decisions deteriorates as we 'use up' our decision allotment for the day. I believe it's the same with stress. There's a set allotment for stress. Don't use it up before you get to work. Jockeying for the best lane on the highway? Trying to find a faster route? Trying to get on a call in the car? Succumb to the commute, listen to something relaxing and fun, and get to work ready for the day.

  • Silence Experiment with silence. See what happens if you simply turn off your radio for 60 seconds. People often report great insights while in the shower. Why? Because it's quiet! What great insights might you generate while driving?

  • Podcasts, audiobooks and radio If you are a commuter you likely already know about podcasts, audiobooks and radio. But here's something you might not be attuned to. Pay close attention to which audio content gives you energy and balance for the day ahead, and which ones help you wind down on the way home. It's different for everyone. For me, the news can leave me irritable. I found that before leading a workshop, listening to something spiritual like Wayne Dyer, helps me remember that I am there to serve the participants, and that it's not about me. On other days I love Career tools/Manager Tools, which leads me into a day full of confidence and enthusiasm. Pay attention to how your audio content makes you feel.

These are things that work for me on my commute. What works for you?

They say the universe is expanding. That should help with the traffic.

— Steven Wright

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