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Cinderella's Career Choices

Cinderella made her own luck. She was a victim plain and simple. But when she had the opportunity to snag that prince, she took it. She chose to become a princess.

On the other hand, she was kind of waiting to be rescued by a prince. She waited for someone to see something in her that her family didn’t see. Granted, she was locked up in the cellar, but let’s keep this metaphorical.

She wanted to be rescued. How often do we subconsciously wait for someone else to see value in us? We want someone to notice our genius and pluck us out of a crowd. I didn’t know I was doing this until I realized that I was. I wanted someone to see my spark and lay out the path for me. As they say in show business, I wanted to be “discovered!”

Are you waiting to be discovered?

She had a coalition of support. Those mice, the dog, and horse, all want to help her. She has been kind to them and her kindness has paid off. In the Disney version of Cinderella, the animals are working on her gown before the fairy godmother even shows up!

Are you kind to everyone, regardless of their position in life’s hierarchy?

She seized the opportunity. When opportunity knocked, Cinderella answered the door. Yes, there was some magic that gave her access, but it didn’t give her influence. She didn’t argue with the fairy godmother that she wasn’t good enough to go to the ball. She didn’t sit in the corner at the ball, angry that she didn’t have the same advantages as the other girls. And when she was dancing with the prince, she didn’t tell him how unworthy she was. She sat up straight, attracted him over and then proceeded to charm the pants off him.

How many times have you been given an opportunity and cast it aside?

What career choices do you and Cinderella have in common? Let us know!

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