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Little Red Riding Hood on Project Management

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Who doesn’t love poor, innocent Little Red Riding Hood? But would you hire her as a project manager?

Red’s parents assigned her to an impossible project. I sure hope Little Red had some combat pay for this work. She’s risking her life with no training and no support. They just throw her ….wait for it….to the wolves.

The wolf is unplanned risk. Little Red Riding hood was like the PM who has everything all planned out. The basket is filled with cookies, she knows the way to grandma’s house, she’s set to go. The Wolf is an unplanned risk. She ignores the warning signs, like ‘hey this doesn’t look like grandma” and keeps exposing herself to greater and greater risk. Until finally she’s eaten or the project is a total failure.

Grandma; the unattainable goal. Grandma is that goal that you can never quite reach. Red thinks the project is complete but she knows something is not quite right. Grandma’s eyes are too big, her teeth are too sharp. Have you ever looked at your completed project and known something wasn’t quite right?

Saving the project. Like any good project team, the hero swoops in at the last minute to save the day. An ounce of prevention might have been worth a pound of cure here. Who is the woodsman on your project?

What’s Red’s next project going to be like? So we saved Little Red, but what happens next time? Is she quite literally, once bitten, twice shy? She’s likely to be overly cautious and risk-averse on her next journey, and probably in therapy for life.

Have you seen the Little Red Riding Hood Project Manager? Let us know!

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