How Transformational Leadership is Key for Every Orgnazation
Business Agility Live // May 2020
Leading a Transformation Without Getting Fired 
Business Agility Conference South Africa // February 2020
Creating Structural Agility With Living Systems
IT Labs // May 2020


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Structural Agility with
Jardena London
Agile Uprising Podcast // December 2020
Transformational Leadership for CTOs.png
Transformational Leadership
for CTO's 
IT Labs: CTO Confessions // June 2020
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Structural Agility to Enable Flow
Agile Amped // September 2020


A Leader's Guide to Connecting the Soulful and the Practical

Transformational Leadership is a soulful practice, a practical job, and everything in between. 

You are breathing new life into an organization, and that energy comes from the spirit of the people. Transformations are usually designed to improve business results, but what’s the point if it doesn’t make our lives better? 

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How can Structure help your business achieve true Agility, and survive the challenges posed by the changing environment? 

The goal of Business Agility is to adapt and respond to the pressures of a changing environment, but no business can function without a structure that guides decision-making, governance practices, and working methods. So what is Structural Agility, and what role does Structure play in an organization’s journey towards creating an agile environment?